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Measuring and reporting impact

Keoleboge Malela

ESG and Impact Manager at Norsad Capital

Measuring and Amplifying Impact: Navigating Sustainable Investment in Emerging Markets

Keoleboge Malela holds a BSc degree in Environmental Health from the University of Botswana and is currently pursuing an MSc in Sustainable Development with the University of Sussex. She has ISO14001 (Environmental Management) accreditation from the Botswana Bureau of Standards, and has also completed specialised ESG trainings from the UN Principles of Responsible Investment Academy. She has broad experience in social research and natural resource management.

Keoleboge is currently the ESG & Impact Manager at Norsad Capital, an impact investor and private credit provider offering debt and mezzanine finance to mid-market growth companies in Africa. Norsad’s purpose is to build a better Africa by supporting the growth of profitable African companies through tailor-made debt finance solutions, enabling them to have substantial and ongoing social impact through the services and employment they provide.

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Keoleboge Malela
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