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Opportunities and threats of investing in Africa

Kameel Keshav CA (SA)

Deal maker and C-suite Executive

How to attract European Institutional Investors in Africa

Kameel boasts an extensive reservoir of expertise spanning two decades within the property, telecommunications, and FMCG industries. His remarkable track record is underscored by adeptness in corporate finance, management, and strategy, showcased across a diverse array of sectors. A distinguished Harvard University alumnus, Kameel has graduated from the Advanced Management Development Program in Real Estate, complementing his credentials as a seasoned Chartered Accountant with 19 years of professional practice. His portfolio encompasses leadership roles as both CEO and CFO in JSE listed and private enterprises, alongside participation as an executive and non-executive board member. Notably, he co-founded and helmed the Inkunzi Student Accommodation Fund, a specialized venture in student accommodation which he spearheaded the JSE listing process and secured JSE approval.. Kameel currently lends his expertise as an Independent Non-Executive Director to the Brussels Africa Hub (the co-organisers of the event) based in Belgium.

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Kameel Keshav CA (SA)
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