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Emmanuel Taban

Director & Partner at The Lung Institute

The Boy Who Never Gave Up

Introducing Dr. Emmanuel Taban, a highly qualified and influential pulmonologist named one of the 100 Most Influential Africans in 2020 by New African Magazine. With a remarkable journey from walking across multiple countries in search of education to pioneering a novel technique of mucus extraction from the lungs during Covid-19, Dr. Taban's life is an extraordinary tale of resilience and determination.

His dedication as a physician led to important discoveries in the treatment of hypoxaemic COVID-19 patients. Rising above extreme poverty, racism, and xenophobia, he has become a true South African legend, leaving an indelible mark on the field of medicine and inspiring countless individuals worldwide.

While he has achieved immense success in his chosen profession of medicine, driven by a passion for patient care and excellent delivery of healthcare services, he remains concerned about the dire circumstances that many African children face due to a lack of good quality education.  Aiming to assist in addressing this gap, The Emmanuel Taban Foundation was established by Dr Taban and his wife Motheo Phalatse-Taban.

Additionally, he has published his own autobiography called “The Boy Who Never Gave Up”.

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Emmanuel Taban
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