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Measuring and reporting impact

Coenraad Bezuidenhout

Principal at BrightWolves South Africa

Measuring and Amplifying Impact: Navigating Sustainable Investment in Emerging Markets

Coenraad is a recognized leader in the field of sustainability, with 20 years' experience across government, the legislative environment, organised business and corporate and independent developmental consulting. With a distinguished career, he brings a depth of expertise that will undoubtedly enhance the depth of discussion. With academic credentials from institutions like Cambridge and Boston University, he brings a great mix of industry experience coupled with academic expertise.

Coenraad is a Principal at BrightWolves South Africa, a management consulting company with bases in both Belgium and South Africa. BrightWolves has grown into a highly respected business, sustainability, and digital transformation consultancy, thanks to a great team of consultants and senior experts, with a bias for action and driving impact, from strategy to implementation.

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Coenraad Bezuidenhout
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