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Opportunities and threats of investing in Africa

Caroline Sohie

Architecture Director at Instinct

Development for Impact: A use case from a metropolitan city near Cape Town

Caroline is the architecture director and co-founder of INSTINCT, an international architectural practice and design agency with satellites in Cape Town and Brussels. Dedicated to delivering forward-thinking projects and solutions, INSTINCT operates as a team of creatives and specialists from around the world stemming from diverse disciplines, ranging from architects, urban designers, engineers, strategists, to social scientists.

Previously, Caroline led a wide-ranging international design portfolio for the global design and engineering company Ove Arup & Partners in London, ranging from rail & urban mobility, aviation to projects in sports, commercial to culture, education and urban planning, and led the architectural offering for Africa for a number of years.

With two decades of experience, she is recognised for her design leadership of public architectural and large -scale infrastructure environments around the world, including Latin America, Europe, Africa, Middle East and Asia. Caroline’s completed projects demonstrate a strategic and creative approach towards urban infrastructure as a foundation for urban regeneration, integrated development visions and sustainability.

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Caroline Sohie
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