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The role of the Europe-Africa collaboration on clean & affordable energy

Aldrich Louis

General Manager at ArcelorMittal South Africa

Enabling impact through partnerships: The potential transformative impact of green hydrogen on local economies

Aldrich Louis is a seasoned professional with a strong background in the steel industry, currently serving as the General Manager at ArcelorMittal Saldanha Works. Holding a Chemical Engineering degree from the University of Stellenbosch and an MBA from the University of Cape Town, Aldrich possesses a blend of technical and business expertise.

ArcelorMittal Saldanha Works is a mothballed plant, that lends itself to the production of Green Iron and Green Steel due to its existing infrastructure. It is well positioned to be South Africa’s 1st large scale off-taker of green hydrogen, bringing back lost jobs, creating new jobs, and diversifying an economy that is very highly reliant on fishing – a dwindling industry due to declining fish stock.

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Aldrich Louis
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