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Opportunities and threats of investing in Africa

Adrian Dommisse

Director & Founder of Dommisse Attorneys Inc

The Potential vs the Pitfalls of investing in an African Project (a South African perspective)

Prior to establishing Dommisse Attorneys in 2009, Adrian worked with diverse law firms and financial institutions, both locally and in the UK. With roles spanning from being an attorney to an investment banker, he built up valuable experience and expertise which has enabled him to add real value to some of South Africa’s leading tech businesses including Getsmarter, Snap Scan, Yuppie Chef, WooThemes and Offerzen.

Some projects Adrian has been involved in include:

  • The lead attorney for Yuppiechef in their sale to Mr Price Group

  • Advises venture capital funds including Knife Capital, and establishing Imperials’ Global (UK and SA-based) $20million venture capital fund working with Newtown Partners

  • Advises the University of Stellenbosch and University of Cape Town technology spin-out units

In 2022 Adrian established IP Incubator to empower clients to attract offshore funding and build global wealth, by housing their IP offshore.

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Adrian Dommisse
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